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A game invented involving UrbanDictionary which can be played with 2 or more players, preferably those who do not surf UrbanDictionary for hours at a time. The rules of the game as are follows.

1. Almost everything on UrbanDictionary is sexually related in some way, so the goal is to guess how many definitions there are for a word.

2. The Wordmaster (typically the guy with the computer) searches for a word on UD. Before pressing enter, each player guesses how many sexually related definitions there will be.

3. Following The Price Is Right rules, the person who is closest without going over wins. This person then gets a point. Two people can place the same bet, but no more than once every three points.

4. In the event of a tie with two players, a sexual term is entered and the number of NONsexual definitions is guessed.

5. In the event of a tie between multiple players, the tie can be worked out by a round of rock paper scissors, shin kicking, or wiener fencing.

6. A bonus point is given if you guess the definition of a word before it is searched.

7. A headless goat is delivered to a male player if he is found to already know the number of definitions beforehand.

8. A point is deducted if all other players unanimously decide that another player's chosen word is downright gay, disgusting, or just stupid.
Two guys playing The UrbanDictionary Game

Steve: Okay okay... ummmmm donkeypunch
*Bill types in donkeypunch*
Bill: Umm... six references.
Steve: I'm gonna go with four.
*Bill presses enter*
Both: What the fuck???!??

Steve then loses a point.
by RogerTheShrubber February 20, 2010
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The Urban Dictionary Game

A game played by 2 or more players, usually at sleepovers. The game is best with more players and players of both sexes.

Friends will search one of their names on the Urban Dictionary and then using the first page of results only, the other people will choose the best description that best describes their friend. The person being searched does not have a say in the definition chosen.

In the event of no definition being accurate or there not being a definition altogether the friends will write a description which must include at least one reference to anticipated sexual performance.
James, Rebecca, Jessie, Ben, Greg, Lucy and Jasmine are playing the Urban Dictionary Game

They search 'Ben' and they might choose that 'the awesomeist' is the best description. Ben has no say in the description chosen

They will then lookup Rebecca and decide that

'sexy, beautiful, good at making out, fun, hyper, first love'

is the best description. Rebecca has no say in the description chosen.

For Jasmine the friends might decide no description is accurate and write one themselves.
by ben-dubz February 14, 2013
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