The U is the University of Connecticut for people that live in New England. It is the premier public university in New England, and is the top Big East basketball school.
Yo, where do you go to school?
The U.....of Conn
by giseppi jones February 27, 2011
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1.) Unionville, PA - settled 1753, established 1812
2.) Unionville High School - founded 1921

The University of Miami (FL), founded in 1925 (172 years after Unionville, PA was settled and 4 years after Unionville High School was founded in its present form), has no legitimate claim to our moniker. There is no letter "U" in the word "Miami", which makes one wonder how incompetent and foolish they are to have that as their logo.

Unionville, PA / Unionville High School = The U.
University of Miami (FL) = Illiterate, drugselling posers.
Unionville - The one. The only. The original. The U!
by Unionville March 18, 2005
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Nickname for the upper east side region of the city of New York
I kinda had enough of downtown this week, let's hit the U
by grotto sam May 06, 2015
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Slang for, and also the less awkward way of saying, the urinal.
Guy *trying to be chill*: Hey I just chugged a litre of water and I gotta use the U.

Girl: You know you can just say urinal

Guy: I know, but I use the Urban Dictionary.
by Licensed_Nerd December 11, 2018
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University high school, Waco Texas. Has the reputation of all ghetto kids and pregnant girls (kinda true but not really) but kinda dope ngl. Nothing like WHS.
What school do you go to ?

Oh I go to the U
by Thatbitch141 November 11, 2019
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