The Travis Scott is a sex move used by players who do not choose to wear condoms. The Travis Scott involves cumming inside a women, then covering her mouth and nose to suffocate her while simultaneously ramming her coochie with your fist. Alternatively, you suffocate her while all of your friends sing sicko mode without autotune while sitting on top of her.
Did you link up with Tinasha?

Yeah I fucked that bitch raw!
Did you pull out?
Naw I used the Travis Scott
by garlicboi November 11, 2021
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travis scott
travis scott
by travis scottt October 20, 2020
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a hip hop artist born in Houston, Texas.He comes from a family with a good background, his mother working at Apple and his father running his own business.Later, he will attend university for 2 years but would drop out to pursue his big dream: making music.Best known for his single, "Antidote", which is kinda dope.

also, a real nigga
Bruh, check this out! Travis Scott is coming here in New Jersey for his next concert! That's lit!
by doughboy65 November 13, 2016
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the realest nigga in the game. likes a sip lean and smoke tree.
Travis Scott is lit
by undergroundtroll October 10, 2016
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Jacques Berman Webster II, the realest nigga you know. La flame will turn anything into a fucking rager. Sexiest man alive and his amazing music is indescribable.
“Yo Travis Scott? Fucking legendary”
“He’s a real one, as he said, ain’t no mosh pit if there’s no injuries”
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