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A political movement. The name The Toaster Revloution,came about for reasons unclear. What ever the reason the use of toasters, or rather the "correct" use of toasters has played a large part in splitting people on the issue. There are murmers of an underground war on the issue, the opposition headed by a man formerly known as Sir. James and now just as James, and the Toaster Revolution rumoured to be headed by various people through out history.
It is debated by some that James stole the name from the actual Toaster Lovers in Guelph (who actually did love toasters because women shunned them), and fabricated the entire revolution as a cover to hide some nefarious deeds of his own, the nature and origion of which noone can guess. Though certain conspiracy theorists, have tied it all in with a group of evil walrus people, who are said to live under the ground somewhere in the general area of Canada, and the northern United States, whom they believe to be the real governing force behind those countries as well as many others. The "evil walrii" as they call them are said to be coming to a war with the "Vikings under Norway" (similar idea as with the evil walruses but the walruses rely more on technology, and are walruses), in which the fate of human kind will be decided (eigther way human's reign would theoretically come to an end, it would merely be a question of complete annihilation or slavery).
by James Dracon February 08, 2008
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