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A nickname for the White House under the Obama administration in late 2013, when during the partial government shutdown, many questionable decisions were made about what to keep up open versus what to shut down or bar from the general public. The decisions appeared to be made to make the American people "feel the pain" of the shutdown who would have otherwise not noticed; therefore, said to be done by the Obama administration out of spite and in efforts to drum up anger. The Obama administration apparently decided to close national parks, barricade ("Barrycade") open-air memorials, put cones along roadways that are otherwise usually open, restrict fishermen from the waters, evict residents out of their privately-owned homes on federal land, shut down the Amber Alert website, etc. while keeping other non-essential programs and services open, such as the golf course where Obama and members of the administration play golf.
"Who wants to visit the WWII Memorial this weekend?"
"We can't, the Spite House has it blocked with a Barrycade."
by psara October 08, 2013
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