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The bar/tavern on the edge of town found on Mêlée Island in the fictional point and click adventure game monkey island byLucasFilm Games. This tavern is a popular haunt for many pirates including the three pirate leaders as well as some insanely drunk scallywag who is constantly spinning on the chandelier!
As the protagonist of the Monkey island series Guybrush Threepwood, you frequent the Scumm Bar often in the first game, on your quest to become a pirate of great renown/infamy.
The Scumm Bar also features, in my opinion, the besr musical score in the first game.
1)"Yaaargh, set sail for Mêlée Island and the Scumm Bar, where the Grog flows in amber/ nauseating green rivers!"

2)"Hand me a grog barkeep, with ten mugs if you please!"
by LeChuck MK5 July 18, 2010
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