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Is performed by a couple m/m or m/f or f/f. One partner stands while the other partner kneels facing the standing partner's ass. The kneeling partner then grasps the other partner on the sides of their buttocks to restrict their movement. The kneeling partner then places their face in the ass crack of the standing partner during which time they move their head side to side after placing their lips against the ass.

This act is similar to that which was performed by Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club when she held the lipstick between her breasts and moved her head side to side to cover her lips with lipstick. Thus, the name The Ringwald.

This is the same act as analingus but easier to say in public without drawing attention.
Tony dropped his pants in front of Shelia. Shelia grabbed is buttocks and buried her face in his ass. She moved her lips and face from side to side. When she was done, she looked up, smiled and said to Tony, "Thanks for The Ringwald".
by Eaton Holgoode June 19, 2009
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