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The best band on the East (the right) coast from the land of the Amish! Members include Brandon Ehrgood (vocals+crazy hair, frequent swearer), M. Curran Blevins (drums+hellarious, vlogger), John Becker (guitar+all-around amazing guy, photogenic!), & Eric Camarota (bass+epic tatoos). This is most likely subject to change because they always change members :(. All the guys are really down to earth. You can learn this band's uniquely random lingo. Make whootsticks, hibye, whootcopter, whootsauce, hussie, and iwillfuckyourlifeaway a part of your daily vocabulary right now. As of now they have released two EPs: This Is Now & This Is Acoustic. Both of which are amazing. GO CHECK 'EM OUT NOW!!'
Me: Hey! Joe...
Joe: Who the hell are you?
Me: You wanna know what's more addictive than crack and prescription meds that I steal from my grandma?
Joe: Get the fuck away from me.
Me: The Right Coast!!!
Joe: Oh yea! I masterbate to their music everyday. I'd totally turn gay to tap that...
*awkward silence*
by stillFly4life December 18, 2009
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