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The involuntary retraction of the meat of the penis sometimes experienced during and/or after one enjoys a run of long distance; or in extreme conditions. This will often display itself in the form of an excessive presence of foreskin and as has been documented on many occasions an extreme pain experienced in the region of the gouch which can be aggrevated during an apres run shower.

The appearance is also know as 'the turtle neck', 'the flumrunner', 'the lost hot dog' and 'man down'


An inability to pee straight
A disproportionately large ratio of foreskin to penis
Chaffing around the gouch or, if circumcised, the bell end
Bleeding in the shower if excessive

Heat, through masturbation
Heat, through vagina
Heat, through fire
Definition of The Retraction / Retractaballs

"How far have you been today?" "Too far, I've got retractaballs..."

"Oooo, man, thats one hell of a retraction"

"Darren told me to take a look at his turtle neck the other day," "I wondered why...didn't expect him to start stretching his foreskin infront of me, though..."

"Shall we wake up your flumrunner"

"Who ate 'the last hot dog'..."

"Bravo One Two Zero, Over, We have a Man Down...Looks serious, emergency evac. needed."
by bigwillytom January 12, 2013
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