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A nigger that made a career out of exploiting fellow negroes by convincing them that they wouldn't stand a chance in the American society without him. In reality, he's a media whore that has managed to evade tax fraud and extorts money from industries by threatening to label them as racist if they don't pay large amounts of undeclared cash to him and his organization. He also makes remarks like calling N.Y. hymie town and calling Obama a nigger, and which the main stream media lets him pass.
That media whore The Rectum Jesse Jackson is off to another racial situation that the media feels they just have to cover. He wouldn't bother if it wasn't being covered by the media. The sad thing is that most blacks lack the ability to think for themselves to see this bastard for what he is, a lying thief. And this piece of shit is the best they can come up with.
by Big Ed Moustapha April 06, 2010
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