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A chapter in the Harry Potter books, you'll have to read all the books to understand it though. Possibly one of the saddest stories ever. SPOILER ALERT: about a poor boy called Severus Snape who fell in love with a girl called Lily Evans when they were eleven years old. They went to Hogwarts and Lily was put in Gryffindor with Snape's yet-to-be lifelong rival, James Potter, while Snape was put in Slytherin. Snape still remained friends with Lily but James was jealous because he also loved Lily. James and his friends bullied Snape until one day Lily tried to make him stop. Snape called her a mudblood out of embarrassment and that ended their friendship. Lily eventually was married to James and they had a son who was the famous Harry Potter, the boy who lived, but then she died and Snape had to kind of keep an eye on Harry when he was at school which was bad for him because he seemed so much like James who he hated with all his life, but then he also seemed so much like Lily who he loved for all his life. That's pretty much a shortened version of it. So, it's a very sad story and it's much more romantic than that Bella Swan girl and the sparkly guy (I can tell so many twilight fans gonna dislike this). Oh well!
Example? No, he's got nothing to do with Harry Potter, he's the guy that sings "You changed the way you kissed me"...

What's he got to do with this?
This is about the prince's tale...
by JimBobBillyBob September 21, 2011
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