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(TOID sounds funny.) The overuse of insults you commonly see on YouTube comment sections, or arguments on Facebook. Such words as fag, bitch, pussy, queer, ho, (sometimes) nigga, lame-ass, dumb ass, dick, and a ton of others can probably be named, but there's too many, because people have such an amazing vocabulary, even though most of them spell like kindergartners. Also, when faced with a good comeback, they either:
1. Say the exact same words they used again.
2. Say stupid, having nothing else to say.
3. Close the browser window, obviously feeling defeated.
TOID victim: ur a fag.

Smart Person: A fag is a bundle of sticks.

TOID victim: shut the fuk up dumbazz niqqa.

Smart Person: Dang. You're pretty old for a 2nd Grader...

TOID victim: ur stoopid. *closes browser window*

The Online Insult Disease (TOID) that you'll probably see mainly on YouTube.
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