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"The OC boat docking"

Da-ohh-sea bow-ta dak-ing


The OC boat docking is similar but not to be confused with its sexual counterpart that is the space docking. Where, these two differ is the act before deficating into a vagina. With the space docking one just shits into a participating women's vagina. Much like a space shuttle docking at a space station. The OC boat docking involves releasing ones booze filled urine from a night of pounding natural lights and fireball into the participating females puss hole. Following this act of R. kelly like style urination

the male then lines up his turd cutter with the females frontal butthole I.E vagina and then he releases his old bay infested turds into her pee filled sex hole. Much like a boat docking into a boat slip outside of The Strangler on a Sunday. This sex move derives it's name from the shore side town of Ocean City, Maryland. It's origin is said to have begun from a house on lark lane on a "sonny" day. Now, widely popular. You can hear tales of the OC boat docking throughout the mid-Atlantic.
Mitch"Bro, did you hear about what Turbo Tom pulled off last night?"

Jake "no"

Mitch" he pulled of the OC boat docking, there was a fucking mess everywhere"

Jake "hell yea, to the moon bro"
by "The legend of 403 c sunshine" January 05, 2014
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