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a very simple drinking game.
you will need:
A Large Create of Beer (the more the better)

A Nintendo Wii (with 4 remotes and nun-chucks)

A copy of Mario Party 8 (DUH!)

and 3 friends to play it with (if you dont have that many friends dont worry.... just work with what you have)

then the easy bit..... play the game
the fun bit.... if you lose at a mini game......
you drink an entire bottle/can of beer
so obviously 1 person wins and 3 people drink
and whoever wins overall or is still conscious is the best player

After failing to steer there leafs down the river on mario party 8 Jim and Josh had to dink there 4th consecutive bottle of beer

Me, Josh and Jim celebrated new years by playing the mario party 8 drinking game
Josh passed out in my bathroom YAAAAAY!!!!!!

by Yaycoby D April 26, 2008
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