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The Infinitesimal Analysis or Method of Limits is very highly developed and is applicable to almost every subject of exact thought, often asserting itself in the most surprising fashion, as in the Theories of Numbers and of Knots, to which it might seem wholly alien, suddenly unlocking and laying wide open secert passaages utterly unsuspected. In particular the Integal Calculus shows itself amazingly and unendingly fertile in the generation of new notions. As other and still other fields are exposed to investigative thought, the Calculus will receive more and more applications, and there seems to be no limit to the subtlety and refinement of its processes, to the keenness and penetration that may be given to this two-edged sword of the spirit, the strongest, sharpest and most flexible ever fashioned or wielded by the mind of man.
Mastering the infinitesimal analysis will lead to great success.
by the_infinitesimal October 15, 2004
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