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The Hillywood Show is a very popular web show made by two girls: Hillary and Hannah Hindi from Las Vegas, Nevada.
They started it through a contest from AOL and got 3rd place.
In their show, they spoof movie characters and put them in strange situations to see how they would react to each other.
They mostly do Johnny Depp characters. Their main character is Jack Sparrow (played by Hilly Hindi).
They are very popular on YouTube and MySpace.
Check them out!

You can find them on YouTube: their username is jcksparrow.
"THE HILLYWOOD SHOW", starring Hillary and Hannah Hindi will shock and amaze you as their impersonations of movie characters and parodies, based on popular films, such as, "TWILIGHT" are dead-on. Their incredible costumes & make-up, coupled with their original & cleverly written ideas for sketches will make for a production that would impress even the most seasoned "Saturday Night Live" cast member! With over 1,000,000 viewers "The Hillywood Show" continues to grow!
by Mrs McDreamy :) May 06, 2009
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