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A collection of mostly ex oil industry employees, paid to continually harp and shill about the pristine virtues of ethical oil so clean you could drink it, ad-nauseam, and to ensure that the misguided global warming problems of "other" countries don't slow down the escalating air pollution dreams of The Harp-oil Government's owners, ad-nauseam.
Little Oil: *&^K*!!! we've had another &^%king pipeline rupture again.... It's bad, really ^%$#king bad. What should we do?

Big Oil: No problemmo! I'll just call my boy in charge at the The Harp-Oil Government. He'll get the muzzels on his people and make sure nobody knows a thing about it. If they do, his team will harp on and on about how it was just a good old ethical oil spill, besides, he knows if we don't get we want we won't be bankrolling his next election campaign and he won't be buying those shiny new regime change jets we ordered. Remember, they're working for us."

Little Oil: "I love how you always make everything right!"

Big Oil: "It's not who you know son, it's who you own."
by gyrfalcon206 December 18, 2011
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