In the fourth season, Lily confesses that she has been breaking Ted up with girls who she didn't see passing the "Front Porch Test." The Front Porch Test is Lily's indication of how happy they would all be together once they were old, thus showing if someone's love interest was right for them or not. The life lesson that is learned from this is that the most important people in your life you can imagine sitting happily on a front porch with when you're old and gray. If can also be applied to help you make everyday decisions.
the front porch test: before making a big decision in your life, imagine that you are 80-years-old and sitting on your front porch being nostalgic about your life that has gone by. Would you be happy if you chose to be an accountant? Or would you be happier knowing you pursued your writing career?
by perksofbeingafernplant December 14, 2013
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