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when you and your friends have this friend that thinks he's the shit and make the decisions for everyone while you and your guys prefer the other friend who thinks that he knows what he's talking about and thinks he gets it better than you. but later you realize that the second friend doesn't do anything except complain about everything while you other friend ends up appologizing and everyone changes there opinion
1. yo joe

2. ya, whats up?

1. dylan was a total asshole at first, until he appologized now he's better, and noah is being what dylan was before, a douchbag guido

2. wow, theres a word for that, it's called The Friendship Paradox

1. ya, i know. we should shun noah
by LARDO KAT777 May 09, 2010
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when you and a group of friends have this one guy who thinks he's the shit and bosses everyone around and another who thinks he's tough and can out beat you at anything(at the beginning you like this guy) but you end up realizing that the first guy was just trying to be good and didn't want to push people around but is still kinda an asshole, but the second guy becomes twice as bad as the first guy in the beginning, this has happened to hundreds of people, and you know who you are
1. yo joe

2. ya,whats up?

1. you know dylan was an asshole before followed that 12 step program, but he's gotten slightly better as a friend; but now noah is being a total dipshit

2. wow, were stuck in The Friendship Paradox

1. i know, lets shun noah
by LaRdO kAt777 May 09, 2010
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