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In Hipperholme, Halifax. Situated on the A58 road, opposite Hipperholme Grammar.

Infamous for the lack of equiptment, deficiency of money invested and the owner, DIRTY LIN.

If you ever previously went to this lame excuse for a gym, i feel sorry for you.

If you have ever encountered Dirty Lin, possibly the most horrible person you will encounter, i feel sorry for you.

The best piece of news from this sh*t hole, was the closement of it last November.

The building still stands to this day. And although dirty Lin is long gone, the memories will haunt those who have experienced.
Covo bout The former shaper's "gym"

Andy: "Ever went to so called Dirty Lin's?"
Matt: "Yeah, went for two weeks, still gives me nightmares!".
by WhoRya? February 19, 2009
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