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The flaming lipton is a sexual maneuver that is done with a male and female. The male, prior to slapping habanero sauce on his nutsack, grins. He applies the sauce and mounts the female in a male-on-top '69'. As she performs fellacio on the male, feeling the tubesteak enter her windpipe, gasps. She then is forced to breathe in deeply through her nose, and because she is being teabagged by 'flamin' habanero sauce, she ingests the sauce nasally and experiences bliss. An supplemental maneuver is for the male to deficate on the forehead of the female while she is suckin' fumes and she experiences bliss- "Volcano Style"!
Chachi was delighted in that he gave Joni the Flaming Lipton!
by Mancavious Dartov June 12, 2009
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This procedure is performed by a male and female couple, the only feminine requirement being unusually large labia (or 'Mud Flaps' for a better visual). Prior to engaging in a female-on-top '69', the female sprinkles copious amounts of her favorite habanero sauce on the 'Mud Flaps'. As soon as the Male engages the 'Mud Flaps' with his mouth, she presses into him and locks her knees around him, holding on for dear life.
If the female is feeling paticularly spiteful, she can dust the inside of her sphincter with chili powder and fart or 'tear gassing.'
The unusually large labia requirement is keeping with the spirit of the definition, i.e. 'Lipton' implies teabagging and large labia would be a prerequisite for female teabagging. The requirement is not necessary for performance of this act.
Dude, I had Ex Sex with Steph, and she gave me "The Flaming Lipton" with Tear Gas chaser as payback for the Donkey Punch I gave her right before I broke up!
by The Amazing Randolph June 15, 2009
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