There are 4 uses of the term:

1. An Internet celebrity. Jennifer Chandra, a struggling actress/model living in Los Angeles, CA, and immortalized as "The Everywhere Girl" by Mike Magee's Tech Blog, TheInquirer.Net. Pictures of her from a Photo Shoot at Reed College, and subsequently sold to Getty Images, were made famous by their simultaneous licensing and use by Dell and Gateway. She is called "The Everywhere Girl", since her photos have been seen seemingly everywhere on the Internet.

2. A reference to a "Where's Waldo" activity for fans of the Tech Blog TheInquirer.Net. Readers, who spot online or real-world use of "The Everywhere Girl's" stock photos from the Reed College photo shoot, send the links to the Inq for publishing to the net. After the initial discovery on Dell & Gateway sites, "The Everywhere Girl" has been spotted in ads for HP, UPS, Visa, The Society of Actuaries, Microsoft Germany, MSN Encarta, Brown College, BBC, Minnesota Bank, US Department of State, University of Hamburg, Prentice Hall, Electrovaya, The University of Manitoba, Greyhound, CNN, and more.

3. The perfect example of the overuse of stock photography for marketing purposes. Stock pictures of Jennifer Chandra, aka "The Everywhere Girl", from the Getty Images portfolio have been seen simultaneously On Dell and Gateway web sites, as made famous by TheInquirer.Net. These same photos have been licensed by companies, universities and even government agencies around the world.

4. An example of how hard it can be to translate obscure celebrity status to mainstream fame. The Everywhere Girl status has not led to increased success in her acting career, and attempts to create a "buzz" around her blog have had limited success. This may be partly due to the efforts of her chief nemesis, Dionyseus, a WikiDork, in having her entry deleted from Wikipedia.
1. Are you famous? Are you kidding me? More people have seen your face than have seen The Everwhere Girl's fuzzy hat.

2. Look, it's the Everywhere Girl - Call Mike Magee!

3. We should take our own pictures. We don't want another Everywhere Girl for our catalogue.

4. You're no Brooke Shields. I don't even think you'll achieve EveryWhere Girl status.
by Bacon&Cheese September 1, 2006
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