When you mix a Berocca tablet with a hydrate tablet in water. The Two different kinds of dissolvable tablets generate a chemical reaction that will synthesise the Elixir of life before your eyes. The elixir’s healing properties grant whomever consumes it, eternal youth.

It is often used when “over the hill” adults in their mid to late twenties think they can drink like their once teenage selves. Most commonly ingested on a weekday in work environments to get the dusty through the day.
Gary: Hazza, I am battling, I need the Elixir of Life.

Hazza: You an me both mate, I’ll whip up an Elixir.

Gary: Far too many drinks over the weekend, mate. I am over the hill.
by H - Skak September 10, 2018
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When a woman goes into labor and her water breaks, it is vital that one must grab a cup and fill it with it. There is nothing else that is more pure and natural than drinking the elixir of life, and it tastes good too ;)
"I had 2 pregnant girls at my house and beat them till their water broke. Their elixir of life took up my 1 gallon milk container and gave me more of a thrill than wombing or munging." - Ben Haney...
by riptupac14 January 5, 2011
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