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1. (a) A tactic employed during combat against large groups of the undead/infected in the context of a zombie apocalypse, esp. in the face of overwhelming numbers and/or imminent defeat. The method involves encouraging the undead/infected to follow the living/uninfected combatant(s) in a loop around an area of unspecified size, resulting in the undead/infected grouping into single file formation, approximately resembling a conga line. The living/uninfected combatants are thus able to more effectively counter the undead/infected menace.

(b) Often shortened to 'The Dunnikov'.

2. A verb describing the use of the Dunnikov Method.
1. (a) "Captain, we've been overrun."

"It's time to initiate the Dunnikov method."

(b) "I've had enough of these motherfucking zombies on this motherfucking farm! I'm switching to the Dunnikov."

2. "Sir, the situation at the front is getting desperate, some units have even been reduced to Dunnikoving."
by Denny von Schwanzkopfen March 29, 2013
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