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When a group of two or more males, each with a slight tendency to be an individual douche, are gathered together in a space, the likelihood of each individual to feed off of each other and act extremely douchey is greatly increased, thus enacting the douchebag effect. The douchebag effect can occur in any situation, however it is most likely to occur when there is a group of attractive females around, or when there are zero females around and the testosterone levels are too high. The range of individual douchebaggyness can range from very small to extremely large, however individual douche levels are usually set aside because the douchebag effect overpowers individuality. The only way to not be sucked into the douchebag effect is to in face have zero percent douchebag in one’s system to begin with.
"Kyle, Steve, and Mikey are all fine to hang around with one on one, but when they get together in a group the douchebag effect occurs and it's unbearable to be around them."
by jmaddzzz March 27, 2012
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