A form of purgatory devised by Walt Disney, and constructed and completed by Disney Scientists conveniently before Walt Disney's supposed passing. It is in this realm that he lives as king for eternity among his creations.

He has many Jews working there as slaves to milk these creations for sequels, which is made easier by the fact that they are exposed to these classics at all moments in time for eternity through the use of a PA system and hundreds of projections on every wall, accompanied by the occasional classic "huh-huh!" laugh of Mickey Mouse every 60 seconds. On occasion, this vault is mistakenly referred to as "The Sacred Realm", "Another Dimension/Home For Infinite Losers", "Hell", "The Shadow Realm", "The Right Turn At Albuquerque", "McDonald's Playplace", "The Set Of Barney", "The Office/My Dead-End Job", "MMORPG", "Big Rigs", "Spirit of Speed on the Dreamcast", and "Hydlide", among the most popular and well known names.

Ganondorf, the most well-known member of the Jewrudo tribe, is known for constantly being sent to the sacred realm by Link. This realm, in reality, is the Disney Vault, where he has been forced to create such "masterpieces" as "102 Dalmations" and "Cinderella 3: What if the glass slipper didn't fit?".

Vampires are 94% immune to the Disney Vault, and 67% of badasses are as well.
Bambi has been put back into the Disney Vault, looks like we're going to have to save our cash and use BitLord.

I lived in the Disney Vault for 80 years! After hearing Mickey Mouse's laugh about 42 million times, and seeing every Disney movie more times than I'd like to recall, you can't blame me for becoming a serial killer and a furry.

After Ganondorf was defeated by Link, he was doomed to make Cinderella 3.

Raditz soon regretted ever visiting Earth, for he was quickly banished to creating The Lion King one and a half.

You better go to church today, or Walt Disney will pull you into the Disney Vault!

In the land of Yu-Gi-Oh, you either excel at collectible card games or wind up writing The Beauty and the Mentally Unstable Peasant.

Needless to say, Bugs Bunny shall regret not taking a left turn at Albuquerque for the rest of his days.

I bought my son a McPizza. He refused to taste it, so I threw him away in the Disney Vault. See you in about 10 years, Billy! Don't drown in the ballpit, haha!

I have to go back into the Disney Vault tomorrow, where I shall deal with idiots and dickheads for several hours.

I've been playing in the Disney Vault for years now. I've been enduring damnation for about 8,103,511 exp points, and I'm in a clan, but we'll never escape the mundane torture.

God damn, I feel like I've been put away into the Disney Vault.
by Malt Whisbee September 13, 2007
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