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Generation Y and every generation thereafter.

The ripe for brainwashing crowd generation that gets its news not from newspapers, or even the standard biased NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, CNN or MSNBC...but from The Daily Show or Saturday Night Live.

These people exist. You know them. Everyone knows them.
The Daily Show Generation Member: Dude...I can't believe Bush orchestrated 9/11. Obama is still cleaning all the mess from Bush. Bush sucks, he's like Hitler and Mussolini. Mussolini was bad right? Wait, he was Italian, but Italians are good - not that anyone's bad...especially Muslisms. I have lots of Muslim friends. I have lots of Black friends, too. I think we should Coexist! I have a bumper sticker on my car that says Black friend said it's cool...Hey did you see the Daily Show last night? I was so high, but I think Jon Stewart REPORTED some news about that speaker lady...what's her name? Isn't it Clinton? Yeah, he said Speaker Clinton was in Afghanistan and she's gonna fix it because she'll talk to the Taliban and then call Obama so that we all know what to do to live in peace. It was awesome. Remember? Anyway, I've gonna vote for Stephen Colbert, seriously!! I know my Grandfather died in WWII and his grandfather died in the Civil war so we could all vote...but it's just one vote! Who cares! Wanna play Halo?

Everyone else in America: STFU
by Comic Nut January 05, 2011
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