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The act (during sexual intimacy) of shaving your partner's pubic region. One then takes the pubic hair recently removed and weaves a basket. Once basket is completed the "weaver" (the one performing the act) then ejaculates into said basket. Once the weaver is spent and expelled of all ejaculate, he then proceeds to pour the warm ejaculate over the head of the "weavee" (the receiver of said act). After the basket is completely empty the weaver then punches the weavee in the face to complete "The Cleveland Weaver".
Guy #1 - "What do you want to do tonight?"

Guy #2 - " I don't know, man. I really want to do some arts and crafts, but I'm really horny and I need to take care of that"

Guy #1 - "Dude just do The Cleveland Weaver!"
by AugmentedMirage April 28, 2013
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