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Often seen in in play by female receptionists when a man arrives at the desk with the intention of engaging in an appropriate and innocent busness-like interaction.

She exaggeratedy places the palm of her hand on her chin and her elbow on the desk blatantly drawing attention to the act of her covering her cleavage from view with her forearm.

Frequently accompanied by chewing or staring with a raised eyebrow and one side of the mouth curled up in dusgust.

Usually carried out by insecure harpies with skin like the armpit on a Hell's Angel's beaten leather jacket.

Not to be confused with:
The Cleavage Defence.
Justin: "Hi, I'm here to see. . .errr"
Receptionist: Chew, chew, chew, 'siiiiighhhhhh. . .'
Justin: ". . . err, your CEO. I'm errr, a VP at Intel Labs."
Receptionist: "Have a seat then. 'Sigh'. . . "
Joseph: "Haha Justin, you just got totally busted checking out her rack!"
Justin: "No way man! She totally wrong-footed me with The Cleavage offence. No really. She so did dude!!"
Joseph: "Phhhttt. Sure. whatever."
by GabrielDertzer September 28, 2010
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