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Often seen in in play by female receptionists when a man arrives at the desk and towers above her for no apparent reason.

She deftly places the palm of her hand on her chin and her elbow on the desk neatly blocking all attempts to 'View the Valley' with the strategicaly placed forearm.

It is a position that can be strongly defended for hours especially when used in conjunction with a swivel chair.

Not to be confused with:
The Cleavage Offence.
Guy 1: "Aww, Maaan! Have you seen the new girl on reception? The most amazing frontage you ever man!!"
Guy 2: "Jeez! No dude. She totally flawed me with The Cleavage Defence."
Guy 1: "Yeah, she's a professional man."
by GabrielDertzer September 28, 2010
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