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n. Walking away from a situation that is scary or otherwise nopeworthy while spinning in a circle with your arms out and your middle fingers extended. Is often done while singing the song "The Circle of Nope", which is a short parody of the song "The Circle of Life" by Elton John. The words to the parody are "It's the circle of nope, it's the wheel of screw that" where the word "screw" is sometimes replaced by fuck. Because of this parody, the circle of nope is also referred to "as the wheel of screw that". Can be made into the verb "nope-circling".
1 n.) "I walked into the bathroom and saw a spider on the toilet paper, then I started the Circle of Nope and didn't go back in for an hour.

2 v.) "I would have started nope-circling after I saw that wasps nest, but I was too busy running away.
by randomnameguy October 03, 2013
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