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An intergalactic version of the tried and trusted Carney Combo, not so similar or to be confused with the Super Carney Combo, nor the midwest versions as previously outlined on U.D. It involves the following variants distinguishing it from the original. You've Been Warned.

The normal act of 1. receiving a Fisting by a clown, 2.Being Ass-stung by a little person, and 3. Being blown by the bearded lady, is substituted by being fisted by Ja-Ja Bings, Ass-stung by an Ewok and blown by Chewbacca's other half Malla.

As expected, another variation exsists whereby the above fisting from an Ewok is substituted with whatever Jaba The Hutt forces you to insert, with a sworn promise to call back next year.
Yes, fear is real, need proof? Never again will you see a Lucas Film Production at night-time. Start practicing your poker face, you're gunna need it. Hide your hands behind your back and have your fingers crossed when you promise to fly back next year. The Intergalactic Carney Combo Strikes back. Its the aptly named "The Carney Strikes Back Combo"
by jamie_ledge January 09, 2007
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