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A test popularized by, The butt test is a simple method for measuring the size of the Gluteus Maximus muscles on an individual. In layman's terms, its measures how big your butt is. First, have your test subject lie on the ground, face down, preferably with their hands above their head. Load a barbell with either iron 45's, or standard size bumper plates. If the barbell rolls over their glutes without touching, that athlete is in serious trouble and needs MOAR SQUATZ immediately. If the barbell touches the glutes, that athlete will earn an acceptable score (could still use some more squats though). If the athletes glutes completely stop the barbell from rolling forward, that athlete has earned a gold star and should probably celebrate by doing some squats.
"Did you pass the butt test?" "No man, I haven't been squatting like I should be."

"That girl passed the butt test, she must be doing her squats"
by LiftBigEatBig January 20, 2012
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