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A group of four film-interested friends who smoke strawberry blunts then go eat pancakes with extra crispy bacon at the local diner, for dinner. Better than The Breakfast Club, The Brinner Club makes time to smoke, then eat breakfast for dinner, all before nine o'clock curfew. Dig it.

Hopefully it will become a feature film in the years to come.

"Who are those trendy assholes who keep eating at The Diner?"

"Why, that's The Brinner Club?"

"What is 'brinner'?"

"...Are you serious right now?..."


"Those teenagers are wearing some cool clothes, but how do they fit into them, after all the fatty breakfast-foods they eat for dinner?"

"They exercise."

"Yeah, right."

"Okay, then what would you call their daily walks to that sketchy alley?"

by nomae July 21, 2009
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