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A guide to life created by "The Krew" in a small Texas town. The Big Book Of Shit To Know (BBOSTK) is a compilation of what up until now has been secret knowledge held only by Bahdist* (see Bahdist) Monks. BBOSTK is like the Bible in the fact that it is a large book and it can be used to beat your children with, slam your dick in, etc... but unlike the bible it contains the tools to create happiness and success in life. BBOSTK has been adopted by organizations such as the Illuminati, Charlie Sheen, and Your mom and her gorgeous tits.
Please excuse me for not being able to post an example I am terribly busy. I must finish this line of cocaine on this hookers ass and proceed to rob a bank whilst naked...and fully erect. Yet another day in the life enlightened by the Big Book Of Shit To Know
by Tuck on behalf of The Krew JBH September 14, 2011
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