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A band that played at Bamboozle 2010 and had the largest break stage crowd of that whole year. That Band has currently 8 members listed below-
Jeremy Jordan Jones- Rapper
Daniel Lonner- Rapper
Jamie Ballan- Singer
Eric Sherman- Guitar
Andy Sherman- Keyboard
Matthew Yaspan- Guitar
Ziya Smallens- Bass
Scott Jacobson- Drums
The Band Eclypse was so ILLLL
by andyssssssssss May 03, 2010
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A wannabe octet founded by L.E.D., the wealthiest boy in the town of Scarsdale, NY.

L.E.D.'s image can be closely compared to the story of B-Rad Gluckman, minus the success.

The band's shows consist only of students that attend the same school as the founder, and their parents and relatives. Critics view the band's attempt at fame unsuccessful and a disgrace to all genres that the band claims to incorporate: hip-hop/rap, rock, pop.

The lyrics of the band's songs contain material which the rapper L.E.D. fantasizes could be a reality. "My dad put a gun to my head and said, 'Nah I'm just kidding'" is a clear example of his attempt at living a dream. Any wealthy child clearly wishes their father could make an attempt at murdering their own son.
I honestly can't listen to The Band Eclypse... I'd rather listen to Sam Adams or Justin Bieber or something that's ACTUALLY pleasing to the ears!
by 1xsamadamsx1 October 26, 2010
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