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Commonly seen as the biggest ass on campus, but really, deep down, he's a nice guy (NEVER alert him to that fact, however). May also be perceived as "high-feluntant." He is a very special breed of man/pretty much hottest on earth. The degree of good-lookingness markedly increases when he has many brothers. Contrary to common belief, he enjoys children, particularly when he gets to act like one. Tends to be very good in bed. Women are strongly drawn to him. Generally musically inclined and extraordinarily intelligent. May act somewhat emo at times but does not like to be associated with such a group. Philosophically minded and is annoyed easily by ignorant people. Does not respond well to people yelling out his name, such as in the movie "Rocky"-may attack without warning. Also responds to "the Great" or, less commonly, "Professor."
If you see a man who is hot, makes kids laugh, has a guitar/other musical instrument(s) {and plays it (them) well}, enjoys philosophy and smart people, but at the same time is an ass, then you have probably just found the Baddest Ass.
by Squirrel Bait April 14, 2008
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