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A Sex moved designed to make the normal unenjoyable experience of fucking a fat chick somewhat more bareable. The Alaskan Harpoon is preformed by post-forplay when already nude. The enlarged women must lay down across the bed spread eagle and the normal sized man must stand at the foot of the bed. (note-the following is the most important part of the process) Next the man must aim and when he is properly arranged he jumps. The penis of the man will land in the vagina of the girl if properly preformed. After jumping due to the excess body fat of the women the man will bounce, and thus the necessary movement for sexual intercoarse will be done absent of any effort fromt he man.
Used in an everyday conversation:

Paul: Yo Phil, did you here that John did that fat chick from accounting

Phil: Yeah

Paul: Thats such a shame, John is above that

Phil: Not Paul its all good, he gave her The Alaskan Harpoon

Paul: Oh ok thats better
by Scotie the great March 07, 2009
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