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The Spelmann:
Taken from Magician pop culture - where celebrity mentalist Marc Spelmann is famed for his eponymous pose.

When a magician, mentalist or mind reader pauses for a moment to contemplate before revealing an astonishing prediction or fact. Hands are often clasped together, head is tilted to one side, one eyebrow is raised quizically, before said god-like magician points directly at the participant for the revelation. Cue much stunned applause and wonderment.
Known in magical circles and based on celebrity Mentalist and general hunky magician Marc Spelmann.
Magician #1:
"Man, at my show last night these girls were hooked on every word I was saying, and I was being paid by the hour so I really milked it, giving it The 'Spelmann' and everything"
Magician #2:
"Mate - lend me his lecture notes!!"
by Sassy_Toes March 15, 2010
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