"That's not it" commonly used as "Das not it" refers to someone or something being so irrelevant and unpopular that it or they become not it.

Being not it means that you and your comments are so irrelevant that no matter what you say after you cannot come back to "it" status for a good 30 minutes at least. Unless you so not it that it's impossible, this happens a lot as well.

The complete opposite of "Dassit!" Which means of great acceptance and pleasure. You either "it" or "not it".
Guy one: "Had 2 Big Macs with Gustavo for lunch while listening to the new 2 Chainz song, DASSIT!"

Guy two: "NO boo boo, that's not it...bye..."

Guy one: "whatever hater"

Guy two: "bye Felicia, you not it #ratchet #thursty".
by Vicamamanu13 April 8, 2014
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