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That Metal Show is a TV show shown on Vh1 Classic (Vh1's 80's obsessed Uncle) where the three hosts (Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson) take metal music WAY too seriously, if they even talk about metal. They constantly obsess over crappy Hair Metal bands that nobody could care less about. They do have good guests, like Rob Halford, but will count them out by bringing in a crappy guest to join them. The three hosts think that metal is reserved for people who act like assholes, and will ridicule anyone who doesn't. They also make fun of fans of bands such as Fall Out Boy.
An actual "joke" from That Metal Show.

Eddie Trunk: So I was in the Supermarket one day, and I hit this guy with my shopping cart. This guy turns to me, and I can see he's wearing a Slayer shirt. He tells me "Dude, watch where you're heading." So I say to him "Why don't you shut up, take off that Slayer shirt, and go put on that Fall Out Boy shirt you have at home?" And the guy just walks away, like a PUSSY!
by SKYDIVE October 02, 2011
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