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The most amazing person you will ever have the luck in meeting. A THADDUS IS A RAINBOW UNICORN OF AWESOMENESS.

Thaddus is so goddamn gorgeous that everyone in a 20 mile zone will be pining after them. They particularly have the most amazing eyes known to human kind, as well as the best bums ever. They are irresistible and sexy and will make you want to just kiss them all over whenever you're near to a Thaddus.

Being near a Thaddus will make you feel like the best human being ever. A Thaddus has the power to lighten up your whole world just by being there for you.

If a Thaddus has a girlfriend, she will be the luckiest girlfriend on the face of the Earth and she will know it- he will be her Saviour and Hero and make her feel happy when sometimes she finds it hard to be.

More importantly, a Thaddus is a person who can and will change the world if they believe in themselves. They don't understand the amazing effect they have on everyone who knows them, and yet still goes about being the most amazing person ever.

You will fall in love with them.
ax: Yeah, you always say that! What's his name again?

Kim: Thaddus.

Max: Aaaaah yeah, a Thaddus is always awesome
by Version 24 November 29, 2018
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