Teyonah is the most hilarious person you'll ever meet. She is also the prettiest and cutest girl you will ever see. She can be nice, but when it comes to her close friends, she always has your back. She acts crazy and wild and is the bravest out of your whole group of friends. She is a very loyal and honest person and can always make a conversation. She is very sensitive and emotional but handles it all. She is also really into boys and people may call her a "ho". But she doesn't care what people say about her and always has the best comebacks. She is really picky and greedy and loves her family and friends. She is always trust worthy and can make ypu happy at all times. Ahe can also sing hella good. She can be Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish at THE SAME TIME!! get you a girl who can do that! She has all the boys over her and is tge most popular girl in her whole grade!
"Teyonah is soo funnyyy"
"I love Teyonah!!"
"Teyonah is scary :("
by anneqits August 5, 2019