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A wicked hot girl with the best ass you've ever seen. She is a goddess among girls. She knows how to have fun and she is the funnest person you've ever been around. If you ever find a Teyle immediately be her friend cause she'll be the best one you ever find. Love her forever and never let her down cause she could kick your ass all across town if you piss her off. But love and she'll be your best friend till the end. She will stand be you in times of need and help you up when you fall. She's there through thick or thin and never fails you always love her forever
Person A: Girl, your life fell to pieces that sucks

Person B: Yeah, its been really shitty lately thank god I've got Teyle without her I'd be lost

Person A: Damn, where do I get a friend like that?

Person B: You've got to find a Teyle
by STFU1936 September 06, 2011
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