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The Textual Revolution encompasses the changes in social thought and codes of behavior related to communication throughout the Western world. It began to flourish wildly during the 00's, and is still ongoing.

It primarily involves the mass migration of communication from the already impersonal phone call, to the infinitely more detached and disposable text message.

This level of un-communication can even manifest itself between two people in the same room, often to speak discreetly about someone else in the general area, unbeknownst to said third party.

The older generation is firmly and fervently against this amount of scheming and generally delinquent behavior, and are even more enraged over the general response of "lol wutevr, ttyl" from the younger generation.
Ex. 1) Chris: "Dude, I sent you a message like 45 seconds ago, and you didn't answer me!"

Alex: "I know, bro-- I always put my phone away when I see Michael come into the breakroom, because he's totally protesting the Textual Revolution."

Ex. 2) I asked my mom to get me unlimited texting on our phone plan, but she is totes mcgoats against the whole Textual Revolution. I guess she just likes to pay an extra $354 then.
by OMGLX April 29, 2010
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