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Basically the equivalent of the phrase "talking to a brick wall", but with text messaging. (Also applies to some chat rooms as well). The brick wall is a person whom you are texting and they are too busy to make real responses to the things you text them, or they are just stupid or a prick. Commonly words like "cool", "wow", "okay", and "lol" will be used. Usually, in situations where the person doesn't want to talk, it would probably be more polite to tell them that you simply dont want to talk with them.
Person 1: Hey

Person 2: Hey

Person 1: ...

Person 2: Whats up?

Person 1: Nm

Person 2: Thats cool

Person 1: Ya

Person 2: I was just hanging out with my friends, we played some video games and stuff :D

Person 1: Okay

Person 2: Uh, yeah. So how has your week been?

Person 1: Good

Person 2: Uh well I have to go...wash the dishes...bye

Person 1: Lol


Person 1: Wow what a texting wall.
by rubyisasifis January 19, 2010
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