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(1)When walking down the sidewalk, hallway, or navigating in a bar. When out of nowhere someone is texting and bumps in to you more than expected.

(2) When texting and not paying attention to your surroundings and walking into passing pedestrians.

(3) When texting and a girl asks for your number by bumping you with her ass and holds her hands up like she's is texting.
(1) (Girl1) Hey I can make it tonight...
(guy1) why what's up?!?
(girl1) I was walking with jenny today @ the mall and some guy Textbumped me into display case full of glass figurines.

(2) I was walking down the hallway and accidentally text bumped into was that awkward...

(3) Out of nowhere a girl bumps when I was texting, and was like can I text you sometime?
by Greasecoastie August 23, 2010
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