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1. A group of glass blowers based in Texas who specialize in the construction of smoking pipes like bongs, spoons, bubblers etc. Their glass can be found in many head shops in the Southern US. Very thick, very chill glass.

2. To get head from a thick piece of beautiful Southern ass.

3. What you are after having smoked dank weed from H-town, 9721469 (Dallas), Saytown, ATX and any other of the many weed-filled towns in Texas.
1. I tripped on down to the head shop where they had a special on hand pipes. Picked me up this ballin' spoon from Texas Blown for only $40.

2. I got Texas Blown by this ho backstage at the show in Deep Ellum last night.

3. This Sour Diesel from Screwston got me Texas Blown!
by dokesomesmank August 28, 2009
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