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Texas A&M. a.k.a: aTm, TAMU or Aggy. Is a large Universtiy located in Bryan-College Station, Tx. The school has an enrollment of 50,000 and the population of its base metro area is around 100,000.


1. Good academics.

2. Very poor social skills by the general population. Tends to be populated by geeks and dorks.

3. Fan base has been described as delusional in terms of expectations of sports and its own importance.

4. Huge sprawling ugly campus. NO UNIFORMITY in its architecture. The buildings are a mishmash or styles and era's. No message or theme. A dog architecturely speaking compared to either UT or especially Texas Tech. However, aTm has great live oaks.

5. Obnoxious Alums. As students Aggies or generally good but dorky but once graduating they morph into self absorbed, arrogant, chest pound tools. IF you hire them note they make good back room employees as long as they do not have to deal with clients or vendors.

6. Homebody students: Aggies like to stay close to home. Close to mom and dad which is fine. Aggies tend to be conformist and easily swayed to join cults.
Out going perspective student evaluating Texas A & M College: WTF !!!.

Dorky perspective student: "Look mom every one here wears high waters and white socks". "Yes little Jimmy you will fit right in."

Independent non conforming type perspective student: "What tools"

Momma's boy: "and mom I can see you every weekend !!!"
by texasfan85 December 19, 2011
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