A Tether apologist is someone who defends Tether, a BVI-registered company that has issued tens of billions of dollars worth of dubiously backed stablecoins.

Tether apologists are generally bitcoiners who want you to believe that Tether is a legit business and that tethers are fully backed by cash or something similar.

Tethers are the main source of liquidity in the bitcoin markets. If authorities were to seize Tether's bank accounts and haul its operators off to jail—or if crypto traders were to suddenly stop accepting that one tether is equal to one dollar—the price of bitcoin would tumble.

Tether apologists are typically people who benefit when the price of bitcoin goes up. They either own bitcoin or operate a bitcoin-related business, such as a crypto exchange, an OTC desk, or a high-frequency trading firm—or, in some cases, work for a media outlet that focuses solely on crypto.

The Tether apologist will sell his or her soul to keep the crypto markets strong. He or she will go to great lengths to encourage retail investors to pile their hard-earned cash into bitcoin. Often that involves attacking nocoiners, who believe tethers are backed by thin air.

The Tether apologist claims nocoiners are salty because they missed out on buying bitcoin at a low price. And they blame nocoiners for spreading FUD about bitcoin.

Tether apologists believe that the world owes them everything because they are part of an elite. They are megalomaniacs, misogynists, incels, and losers.
Larry is a tether apologist. He keeps tweeting about how Tether is operating in good faith and claims he believes tethers are fully backed by cash, even though that is not what he said a year ago.
by redrumshewrote January 25, 2021
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